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Rites of Passage is a dual diagnosis mental health treatment facility that specializes in dual diagnosis, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse and eating disorder treatment in Delta County, Colorado.



Treatment program

Rites of Passage provides residential extended care for individuals facing mental health issues including dual diagnosis issues, trauma/PTSD, substance abuse, and eating disorders.  The program combines the latest psychological methods with mind-body-spirit, somatic therapy, transpersonal therapy modalities, animal therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy and riding therapy, art therapy, CBT, DBT neuroscience as well as community and nutrition to create a holistic and customizable program for each person who enters the facility.

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Women's Intensive

treatment program

Our Intensive Out-Patient program allows for both former residential clients and clients who have not been part of our community in residence to continue their work in an intensive program that allows clients to work alongside the residential program from 9 to 2 pm,  four days a week. This is a three to six-month program for people who cannot come into residential treatment and who are in a safe and supportive environment when they are not at the facility.

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Equine Therapy

Treatment Program

Equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) is an emerging treatment modality that utilizes horse-handling activities to generate powerful therapeutic metaphors-metaphors, symbolic and that reflect how each young woman relates to herself and others. With the support of peers and Rites equine specialist and attending clinical therapist, women examine these metaphors to gain insight into their fears, habits, and unconscious ways of relating. As issues arise within the equine setting, students have en-vivo opportunities to work toward the understanding and healing of those issues.

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