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Financial Policies & Information

This is a residential program that works with the Trauma and Mental health i.e., borderline personality disorder etc, to address underlying issues that cause problems in your life. It also works with co occurring disorders, i.e., substance, eating disorders etc.

We do not work with either Medicare or Medicaid. *Insurance accepted if PPO with out-of-network benefits.


We are not in network with any insurance company, however if you have a PPO plan with out of network benefits, we can do a benefits check and verify if we can work with your insurance. Any unpaid deductible for insurance is required at intake for incoming client.

Clients will request an assignment of benefits form from their insurance provider and have it notarized to send all reimbursement payments to Rites of Passage LLC. If insurance chooses not to pay, client is responsible for all payments billed. 

*There is a loan program available to apply for below. This is not our program, it
has a higher interest rate. Please try this on the website if you would like to pay for treatment in this way. It does not impact your credit. 

You can check your ability to do this type of loan without harming your credit record. The code to use for the Rites of Passage Program loans is 003535.

Prosper Healthcare Lending

Cash Scholarship Rates:

Self pay cash scholarship rates are paid upfront each month at 14,000.00 for a group room
and 18,000.00 a month for an individual room.

Payment Plan

If you do not have insurance and you can show need, we have a payment plan that is also available. The payment plan is half of the monthly cash scholarship rate of either 14000.00 for a group room bed or half of the 18000.00 for an individual room for the time that the client is in the program. The other half of the monthly payments will continue with the client still paying the half amount each month after the program until the rest of the payment amounts are paid in full. Example client in group room 14000.00 a month Cash scholarship rate. Client pays half of that each month while in the program for three months. When the client leaves, the rest of each monthly amount that was not paid up front, is paid (another three months) of that will be paid in monthly installments until it is paid in full. There is a 5% interest charge for this payment plan.

*If insurance billing is requested, as opposed to the cash scholarship rate of payment, cash rates no longer apply. Insurance will be billed competitively. All reimbursements from insurance will be either directed to be paid to Rites of Passage directly or if insurance sends reimbursements to the insured instead, the insured will be required to reimburse those payments fully to this facility at the time they are received.

As an out of network provider, Rites of Passage LLC does charge for insurance deductibles at intake.

*Medicare and Medicaid not accepted. 


  • Women’s Residential Extend Care Program
    Two (2) Tiers - Cash Scholarship Rate

    Individual Room Rate Monthly - 18,000.00                                                                        
    Group Room Rate Monthly - 14,000.00                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Transitional living
    Cash Scholarship Rate

    $5,000.00 Monthly                                                                                                                                                                                                       
    Insurance not available.                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Monthly Intensive Out-Patient
    Cash Scholarship Rate

    $10,000.00 Monthly

    This program is 4 days a week from 9 to 2pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    Insurance can be billed for this if PPO with out of network benefits. Again, if billed to insurance, we bill competitively so the cost is much higher and all payment reimburse- ments go to Rites of Passage LLC. 

  • Monthly Out-Patient
    Cash Scholarship Rate

    $8,000.00 Monthly

    Insurance can be billed for this if PPO with out of network

    Again, if billed to insurance, we bill competitively so the cost is much higher and all payment reimbursements go to Rites of Passage LLC.