residential  program

The Residential Extended Care is a co-creative treatment program .

Here, clientele will slow down on the farm and get into the rhythm of working with the animals, horses, goats, ducks, geese, therapy dogs and cats as well as each other and with staff. This helps the rhythms of their bodies to reset and come back into balance from what was usually a very unhealthy lifestyle that they were living previously. This also engages them empathically and allows reattachment to begin for first themselves and then for others as they go inward and begin to heal. 


A Place To Call Home

Rites of Passage clientele will do much of their therapy work on the farm property, but will also go out into wilderness therapy and other therapy outings as well as getting out and practicing what they have learned in the general community. Other outings will occur during the last month of that client’s individual stay, while they are in transition phase and they will be looking for volunteer work or to find a job locally.

This is a new way to look at recovery with a more college-like atmosphere and a core set of group sessions 5 days a week for 3 to 6 months, extra study time on Saturdays and Sundays with new groups and individual work being added in for each client on an individual basis as they become ready to do what they need to for their own unique recovery and moving beyond that into their new way of life when they leave the facility. This allows the maximum benefit for clients while still giving them the needed group sessions and feedback from their own peers as well as the therapy team about how each client is progressing. During the course of the client’s 3 to 6 month treatment experience, you or your loved one will participate in process groups, assignment groups, peer resourcing groups, recovery education groups and individual counseling. Family counseling will be available for additional cost for families who wish this resource.  


Diet and Exercise is a vital part of treatment.

Our holistic nutritional program forms the foundation of everything that we do. All clients enjoy exercise every day, riding horses, dancing to the 5 Rhythms, and engaging in yoga exercise and other exercise available on our 40-acre farm facility. In the spring and summer months, clients help build a community garden which will be taken care of by all clients and staff. Healthy food practices are learned on community shopping trips and is an integral part of the healing process.

We are dedicated to helping our clients rebuild all aspects of their health-and their lives. Our passionate staff will help you, or your loved one, to build a foundation for a positive life in recovery. 

Our regular program components include:

  • The Heroic Journey CORE Program
    The Heroic Journey CORE Program:

    This is an experiential program to help clients discover inner health and self-esteem and the ability to see where they are in their own process as they interact with others in the world. This program delves deeply into each client’s core beliefs about themselves and the world around them and encourages letting go of unhealthy coping mechanisms so that clients can reassess and choose new, healthier ways to interact and respond to stressful situations.

    This goes hand in hand with the signature Phoenix Rising Heroic Journey Equine assisted psychotherapy sessions which engage clients with horses to help clients learn and apply new ideas and options experientially without the fear of judgement that they have come to expect from other humans.

  • Trauma CORE Program
    Trauma CORE Program:

    Trauma issues underlie every type of unhealthy coping mechanism that people use. As with all our program segments, this program is built to address trauma issues head-on from many different angles so that clients can process deeply to successfully build skills to cope with and finish the issues that they are working through so that they may find closure and experience life in a healthier way. The Phoenix Rising Victim to Victory equine assisted psychotherapy program is the brief therapy segment that enhances trauma renegotiation. It allows clients to practice new mindsets and try out new options they might not have considered if working with people. It directly enhances all other treatment modalities being utilized in the trauma therapy program.

  • Communication 101 CORE Program
    Communication 101 CORE Program:

    Communication 101 deals with com- munication skills on all levels, as well as co-dependency and healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns. Communication 101 includes a segment of Love and Logic for parents working though the program. The Phoenix Rising Communication 101 equine assisted psychotherapy program is built around helping each client look at and practice these new skills as they let go of their old, unhealthy ways of communicating, allowing them to try new skills in a healthy nonjudgmental way until they feel safe enough to transfer the new skills to situations with other people.

  • Health and Wellness CORE Program
    Health and Wellness CORE Program:

    Health and Wellness includes much more than mere physical health, exercise or nutrition. It is the full integration of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. This includes social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellness. For our program, this means helping clients to move over to more holistic forms of medication and/or getting off medications entirely when appropriate. Those who must use traditional medications learn to take only what is necessary to maintain stability. All clients learn to eat in a healthy way and participate in all the other areas of health and wellness so they are able to handle the rigors of making the changes in their mental states while in treatment and to continue a healthy lifestyle after treatment is completed. Health and Wellness includes yoga, Zen meditation, hands on energy healing, nutrition and cooking, gardening, exercise, dance, and horseback riding.

  • Eating Disorder Program
    Eating Disorder Program:

    This program cross-trains with all other CORE program components, to help each client with disordered eating issues begin to see their own unique reason why they originally, and usually unconsciously, chose this cross-addiction as a coping mechanism. This allows clients to begin to feel empowered and honoring of their body as well as teaching clients to work with new skill sets to reduce anxiety and perfec- tionism in order to begin to allow themselves to feel better about themselves
    and the world around them. The Phoenix Rising From Helpless to Health Program utilizes equine assisted psychotherapy sessions to engage clients in an experiential, nonjudgmental way, to allow practicing new skills suc- cessfully without falling back into human competition or human judgmental situations.

  • Substance Relapse Program
    Substance Relapse Program:

    Our relapse program is not a 12 step based program. This program utilizes spiritual, mindfulness, somatic, experiential aspects into solid skills around relapse situations. The client has a chance to, again, take everything that they are successfully applying in other CORE programs and add these skills into learning to prevent relapse situations. From this stronger, more skillful base, clients can deal with this unhealthy coping mechanism that has become an addiction and a trap. The Phoenix Rising Changing Leads Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program helps to experientially and nonjudgmentally practice new mindfulness coping skills in a healthy way.

  • Art Therapy Program
    Art Therapy Program:

    Art therapy is another deeply internal process that is utilized in all programs within our facility. This helps clients to go more deeply into their psychological process around the work they are doing in all areas of therapy.

  • Vocational Therapy Program
    Vocational Therapy Program:

    The vocational program is an optional program. Clients who uncover a need or desire to change career paths utilize this program. All clients complete a Meyers-Briggs personality test, then look at career options, college programs, and practical vocational areas of study that are in alignment with their strengths. We collaborate with tutors who are able to work with clients online and through Skype to build skills for college or other vocational classes when needed. This segment is optional and not part of the base program. It is offered as a possibility and is paid for by the client individually if the client chooses to utilize tutoring services.

    We provide help building vitae’s and resumes. We also help clients find op- portunities to shadow successful people in the field of work they are seri- ously considering. This provides clients the ability to see a career in a real way so they may be sure that they want to move in that direction. This helps clients who are successfully moving forward in their lives to not fall back into old patterns when they leave the program.

  • Adjunct Companion Dog Training Program
    Adjunct Companion Dog Training Program:

    A companion dog is designated as an emotional support dog which is bonded with their person and provides comfort and support in forms of affection and companionship for an individual suffering from various mental and emotional conditions. If clients choose this option, they will have additional dog training sessions and will be required to fully care for the dog they are working with. There is an adoption contract that does not come into effect until the client has suc- cessfully completed their residential program as well as the requirements for the dog program. See full page on companion dog therapy training and adoption in info kit.

  • Family Therapy
    Family Therapy:

    This segment opens up and begins it’s healing work after a client has spent a month in the program. Clients have a chance to work with the unhealthy communication patterns that they came into treatment with before trying out new healthy skills with family and friends. Sessions can run weekly either in person, through Skype, or by telephone to practice new ways of interacting with the people closest to them.

We offer these kinds of therapies as custom tools for each client:

• Farm Style living with both individual and group room rates
• Individual Testing for each client
• Counseling in Addiction, Nutrition, Mental Health, Trauma, PTSD, OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Vocational, Life Coaching, Family/Relationship – including sessions with family members, Primary Counselor/Treatment coordinator, Holistic Health Sessions, as well as Individual Counseling Sessions
• Trauma Renegotiation to eliminate triggers that lead you back into substance abuse situations.
• Equine Assisted psychotherapy sessions – experiential therapy and practice of new skill sets
• Horse Riding Therapy Sessions
• Companion Animal Program (if chosen) 
• Nutrition including group sessions on healthy lifestyle, body image, gardening, shopping, cooking
• Exercise (Horse Back Riding, 5 Rhythm Dance, Yoga, Swimming or workout on machines once or twice a week at local recreation center)
• Bio-Feedback Sessions
• EMDR/Tapping Therapy Sessions
• Each Client will be assigned a kindle with most of the program books they will be using in groups as well a specialized material as needed. They will also have access to a computer for writing work if needed.
• Trauma Yoga
• Transpersonal Session work (process art, drumming circles, dream-work, ceremony) • Holistic Health presentations and energy work healing sessions
• Field Trips (Spiritual Retreats, other as determined by staff and clients)
• Mindfulness Therapy
• Relapse Therapy