Transitional Living  program

This is a beautiful apartment with a group bedroom and healthy food provided for meals.

Those who utilize this option may also participate in making meals with and eating with clients nightly. This program is for the client who has been in the residential program and who lives outside the area, yet wants continued help, including continuing to live onsite and be monitored while doing intensive outpatient or outpatient programs. Or who wishes to do an individual program specialization for mental health issues and live onsite with access to counselors and coaches. This includes continued UA’s and BA’s weekly or as counselors feel it is needed, and individual sessions with therapist and life coach up to three times a week as well as vocational counseling as needed.

Base cost for transitional living is $5000.00 monthly, Cash Scholarship Rate. This does not include intensive outpatient or outpatient program costs. Those are separate and listed within each program detail.

*Insurance is not billed for this. However, a super bill can be provided with therapist and therapy sessions for clients to file with their insurance.*