Residential Mental Health & Trauma Treatment Program for Adults

Residential Extended Care is a Co-Creative Treatment Program

Here, clientele will slow down on the farm and get into the rhythm of working with the animals, horses, goats, ducks, geese, therapy dogs and cats as well as each other and with staff. This helps the rhythms of their bodies to reset and come back into balance from what was usually a very unhealthy lifestyle that they were living previously. This also engages them empathically and allows reattachment to begin for first themselves and then for others as they go inward and begin to heal.

Each clients program is custom made from the different treatment program components and uses some or all of the therapy modalities.

The residential treatment program has four spaces available for individuals who are 18 and over.

Rights of Passage is a business partner and shares property with Gateways to Transformation. Gateways to Transformation is a retreat center and offers an Intensive Outpatient Program and Transitional Living Program. Visit Gateways to Transformation to learn more about these programs.

Please note: this is not a detox facility.

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Kahla Therapy Dog

A Place to Call Home

Rites of Passage clientele will do most of their therapy work on the farm property though we will occasionally go out for hikes or nature walks.

You will have access to a full kitchen, gym, yoga and dance studio, stocked art room and the gardens and greenhouse.

The farm animals welcome your visits and you are sure to make new furry friends before you leave.

cat in the field

Diet and Exercise is a Vital Part of Treatment

Our holistic nutritional program forms the foundation of everything that we do. All clients enjoy exercise every day, riding horses, dancing to the 5 Rhythms, and engaging in yoga exercise and other exercise available on our 40-acre farm facility. In the spring and summer months, clients help build a community garden which will be taken care of by all clients and staff. Healthy food practices are learned on community shopping trips and is an integral part of the healing process.

We are dedicated to helping our clients rebuild all aspects of their health-and their lives. Our passionate staff will help you, or your loved one, to build a foundation for a positive life in recovery.

Daily Life

From 9 until 4pm, with an hour for lunch, our day at Rites of Passage is filled with different individual sessions, group work, animal therapy sessions, art therapy, gardening, and a movement practice. These sessions are all part of the client's individualized Pathway to Wellness.

What is a residential treatment center like?

In general we will follow a structured daily schedule of sessions and other actives that we put together in cooperation with the you.

We will require you to get up at a certain time every day and in the morning you will receive a daily schedule for meals, sessions and free time.

Changes can be made by request or as your therapists recommend them.

The daily routine and work can sometimes be intense, so expect to be tired sometimes and ready for a break.  Our intensive program is designed to keep you focused and supported on your path to recovery.  Structure is helpful as you form new healthy habits that will carry on after leaving treatment.

You Will Have Relaxation Time

Although your day will be structured and you will be attending plenty of treatments, you will still be given ample time for relaxation. During your daily routine we ask you not to make phone calls or leave the facility. In the evenings or during your free time you can use the telephone or request a staff member to accompany you off campus. We recommend bringing some good reading material and a journal. You are also welcome to use the art room, gym, yoga space and gardens during your free time.

garden gloves and seedlings

The Facility

We are located at a beautiful 40 acre farm outside Crawford, CO.

The site encompasses housing, a dance studio, an art studio, and a full working farm.