Transitional Living - A Safe Place to Change

For those who don't need a psychiatrist but want a safe living environment and to take advantage of a customized therapy plan.

Transitional living is for those who may have been hospitalized or who have completed a residential program and want continued help.

The Transitional Living Program is customized for the individual using the same components and therapies that make up our other programs.

This program offers greater flexibility regarding the amount of time spent in session.  Because psychiatric care is not needed the clients are able to leave the facility unsupervised in their free time.

Some people use the Transitional Living Program as a mental health retreat, a chance to take a break from their day to day lives and address issues that are holding them back.

Burnout counseling, vocational therapy and overall mental and physical health can be addressed.

There are two levels of Transitional Living available:

  • The full-therapy option includes a complete daily schedule of therapy sessions.
  • The part-time option is only three sessions per week to allow clients time to attend to their daily lives away from the facility and return each night.

*Insurance can not be billed for living arrangements. However, a super bill can be provided with therapist and therapy sessions for clients to file with their insurance.

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