Choosing a Treatment Program

Residential | Transitional Living | Outpatient

Anyone who is suffering from debilitative mental health issues, trauma, addiction, or burnout can benefit from treatment if they are willing to engage and want to work on building a healthier life.

Residential Extended Care with Psychiatric Support

This is a residential full-therapy program that is available to anyone who can travel to and live at our facility in western Colorado.

Residential care is for individuals who are leaving a hospital, detox or other acute care facility and are healing mental health issues and need consistent support, daily structure and psychiatric supervision or prescriptions.

As a holistic therapy center, our psychiatrist works with us to integrate conventional diagnosis, prescriptions and treatment with our highly individualized therapy aimed at alleviating the underlying causes of illness.

Creating new habits and patterns is easier in an environment with fewer triggers and lots of personalized therapy. We focus on healing the whole person by building life, mental health and self-care skills that will last a lifetime.

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The Transitional Living Program is for those who want to live at the facility but do not need a psychiatrist.

The Transitional Living Program is available through our sister organization: Gateways to Transformation.

Transitional Living is for people who are struggling with mental health, trauma, burnout or addiction issues and need a break from their current living situation or need a safe place to transition to a new living situation.

The Transitional Living Program can be taken full time or part time. The full-time Transitional Living program includes a full schedule of therapy sessions tailored to the needs of the individual.

Part time Transitional Living includes 3 support therapy sessions per week.  This allows clients plenty of time to work, go to school or attend to family needs.

Whether taken as full therapy or part time therapy, Transitional Living clients will stay every night at the facility.

The duration of a residency can range from a one week 'mental health retreat' to 6 months of care and rehabilitation.

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Outpatient Programs & Non-residential care

The Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs are available through our sister organization: Gateways To Transformation.

This is part-time treatment and clients commute back and forth to their homes. It is for individuals who are able to function in their day-to-day lives, but are looking for ongoing support and therapy. Outpatient care usually refers to people who have already completed a residential or inpatient program.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a non-residential option for people who are leaving hospitalization and are at risk of relapse or who would benefit from more intensive care. They need more support and more frequent therapy sessions.

The general Outpatient Program (OP) has fewer sessions per week that can be scheduled to allow clients time for their other daily work, school or life schedules.

Some individuals join the non-residential program because they want preventative or stabilizing care. They don't need residential treatment, but do want consistent support in dealing with whatever issues are holding them back.

Therapy plans are always tailored to each client.

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Diversity is welcome!

We welcome people from all walks of life, gender, orientation, culture, race, beliefs and background.