Companion Animal & Service Dog Training

Companion Animal Program

This is a program which allows a client to sign up to train with a facility therapy dog for a month. If they show that they can care for that animal and are doing well in the rest of their program work, they can then choose an animal that they will bond with and continue dog training sessions with for the rest of their stay. This animal will not be theirs until they successfully complete their residential stay and show that they are able to bond and be the pack leader so that both they and the animal chosen will work together the rest of the animal’s life.

Clients must prove themselves in therapy to be eligible for this segment of the program. Animals will be chosen from rescues or reputable breeders and trained by the client in a format that both bonds the animal and client and allows the client to experience successful bonding that can transfer to humans as well. This program also helps a client learn to work successfully with boundary work in their lives and how to apply this in their life to human situations.

After the client successfully finishes this program, and completes their stay at Rites of Passage, they will leave with the animal they have trained. We will provide certification showing that the animal is now a licensed companion animal so they will be able to take the animal with them for support in all situations.

Clients may apply to bring in a dog of their own for training in this area if that dog is at least six months of age and socialized well with people and other animals.

Happy companion dog
Kat Collins with a friendly dog
man with therapy dog