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  • Life Coaches
  • Licensed Eligible Psychotherapist
  • Chef
  • Farm Hands

All openings require a Covid vaccination.

See details below:

LPC or licensed eligible therapist (Crawford) (Crawford)

Compensation: $70.00 for licensed therapist, $55.00 for license eligible therapist.
employment type: contract
job title: Counselor / Therapist

Contract work for Licensed or license eligible therapist - Mindfulness based.

(Crawford) Covid 19 Shot Required

4879 Gateway Rd., Crawford, CO 81415


Compensation: $70.00 for licensed therapist, $55.00 for license eligible therapist.

employment type: contract

Job opening: Weekday and weekend work.

Salary: Competitive salary commensurate with experience Covid 19 Shot required.

Schedule Weekdays and weekends

Location: 4879 Gateway Rd., Crawford, Colorado 81415

Rites of Passage LLC provides mindfulness based, dual diagnosis, trauma, substance and eating disorder therapy for residential extended care program.

Responsibilities: Responsible for providing psychotherapy group and individual sessions as well as family sessions; creating a collaborative and clinical transition plan for each client, ensuring that client's needs are met in an effective and coordinated manner. Therapist assesses clients' progress and provides case management duties, clinical interventions that create appropriate opportunities for growth, independence and success as the clients progress. Therapists work as team community to optimize quality of care.

Minimum Qualifications:

- Knowing your material and being able to be flexible in how to present and work with very different clients.

- Master's degree in psychology

- Current licensure as licensed professional counselor or license eligible with supervision provided.

- Excellent communication, organizational skills and self-awareness are crucial

- Good boundaries and understanding of resistance, splitting, triangulation and family systems

- Ability to take initiative as well as work as part of a treatment team

- Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality

- Valid drivers license, satisfactory driving record, current automobile insurance coverage to occasionally drive clients. including use of company vehicle to transport clients

- Use of personal cell phone to contact clients and staff required


Desired Competencies/Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

- Experience in mindfulness-based therapeutic practices required

- Experience with trauma therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, somatic movement therapy, DBT and CBT

- Experience and/or specialized training in substance abuse and intervention preferred

- Equine assisted psychotherapy or learning

- Wilderness ecotherapy

Psych Tech

Hours: 5:30-9:30 PM or overnight

$14 per hour or $15 per hour with QMAP (Qualified Medication Administration Personnel)

ROP Psych Tech Job Description and Duties

Enforce bedtime. Give clients roughly a 15 minute warning before bed so they can clean or otherwise get ready. Bedtime is 10pm Sun-Thurs, 11pm Fri and Sat. This does not mean starting to make a meal at 9:50. Clients can leave their rooms to go to the bathroom, get water, get a quick snack (not a meal) after hours, but must be quiet/respectful of others. Bedtime at 10 also does not mean being on the phone all night. It also means in their room, not other rooms giggling with other clients all night. If they have a roommate and they want to be up late doing homework, the roommate must be okay with this. If someone has a roommate and one person wants lights out and quiet before official bedtime, they must work out an arrangement. It is a good idea to randomly do a quiet walk through about 10-20 minutes later to ensure everyone stayed in bed. Vary the time you do this.

Outside lights on by dusk, off in the am.

Spend time with clients. Talk to them if they want to talk.

Do rounds to ALL client occupied buildings that you are not in at least once per hour. If they are in the art room, dance studio, etc., you still need to check on them. If both men and women are present as clients, make sure you are around. No men in main house second floor and no women in men's house at all.

Supervise clients’ online activities, as needed.

Supervise house phone usage and enforce rules. One hour of phone time per day, unless there is a specific exception. Family only. No leaving the phone lying around.

Clients with children may have Skype privileges. In these cases, help clients get onto computer at scheduled times and enforce time/rules.

If you see anything odd/concerning/unsafe/etc., let us know. Inform manager or onsite therapist immediately of any client-related issues that arise through conversation or observation, on or off duty. Email or text Manager and executive director details immediately after speaking with her.

Distribute client meds. Watch each client take meds each time. Have them show you their mouth is empty. Bring empty pill boxes back to Psych tech supervisor Brenda Burns at the end of the night, place in office designated if necessary. If you are on psych tech duty contact Brenda or Kim with questions.

Assist with bag checks for new clients, as well as checking mail, packages, and anything they bring in when returning from being out with family or family brings them.

Closest hospital is Delta Memorial, closed police department is Hotchkiss PD in case of emergencies

Make sure clients get to online (psychiatrist) appointments if you are on duty at that time.

Clients are not allowed to smoke together. Psych techs may not smoke with clients. If one person is outside smoking, no one else may be in that area, even if they are not smoking. You are responsible for enforcing this, on or off duty. Please see Alisha for further explanation of rules and client consequences.

Ensure clients keep up with cleaning all common areas. Generally: have them pick up after themselves—wipe up spills, pick up food, plates, tissues, return all workbooks to bookshelves, clean/straighten session room before bed, sweep/vacuum when needed. There is an in-wall vacuum as well as the regular one. Regular one does not get used on wood floors.

Kitchen: dishes cleaned by the end of the day (except for rare special circumstances), when cleaning the kitchen, that includes wiping counters, stove, sweeping/spot mopping if needed, wiping table, around microwave, in sink. If clients do leave it, put dishes in dishwasher and start it.

Make sure cleaning is done by all. Everyone will say they’re doing more than everyone else. Remind them that there are _x_ number of people in the house and it’s a group effort. Best to have everyone clean as a group so everyone sees everyone else is cleaning. You can also get Alisha involved with settling disputes.

Help with getting client needs from storage and shop fridge if needed. Most things to cook with and restock from are now in the shop freezer or the exercise room refrigerator. Clients are responsible for asking for what they need from storage. Ahead of time. Remind them of this. Otherwise they will expect you to walk to storage at 10pm because there is no more toilet paper in the house.

Do go through and throw out anything that is outdated or old food that has not been eaten from refrigerators at least once a week.

If anything needs to be fixed/handled/replaced, tell the person who can fix/handle/replace said thing, i.e.--if a drain is not draining, tell Larry, if we need Tupperware, tell Alisha, if a lightbulb needs replaced, help client replace it or hand them a lightbulb.

Sometimes you will need to teach clients how to clean and do extremely basic things.

Keep an eye on what’s going on when clients are on their own for dinner—make sure they are doing dinner as a group, eating something at least quasi-healthy, not each person making a peanut butter sandwich and eating in separate rooms. You don’t have to be there constantly, just notice what’s going on, mention it to clients or Alisha/Jenn if they are devolving to junk food.

Laundry is not supposed to pile up on the dryer. Pay attention to laundry building up, as this is a common area. Have them fold sheets, towels for their rooms and put them away. Have them put their laundry back in their rooms. Anything else fold when you have time and stack it so washer and dryer are always ready

If someone’s dog makes a mess, they must clean it up. Immediately.

If electronics quit working, unplug (not just turn off, actually disconnect from power) for 30 seconds then plug back in before calling Troy.

In warmer months, open/close blinds and screened windows for temperature control. If possible, have clients assist. When it is warm, windows need to be closed and shades down no later than 9am. Summertime, by 7am. Windows back open when it is cooler outside than in (usually dusk). Shades: South shades down by 9am. The south shade in the session room by 10. The west shades (depending on time of year) down between 1pm and 2pm. East door and window, it’s good to put shade down from 7am until 9am during summer.

Call or email Alisha Adrian (Executive Director) at (303) 859-7385 or for information or to schedule an interview.


We are looking for a Chef or Cook who can make a variety of healthy, good food for 4 to 5 dinners a week at our facility. This could go to 7 days a week eventually. Looking for someone who can either cook and clean up or be open to doing a cooking lesson once or twice a week and having clients learn as well. On those nights, clients would do cleanup.

Price negotiable with experience.

Please call Alisha Adrian to apply (303) 859-7385 or email

Farm Hands

Contract based farm hand work.

Duties include:

  • Daily feeding of farm animals and horses.
  • Cleaning stalls
  • Misc. farm and garden work
  • Mowing

$16.50 / hr

Please call Alisha Adrian to apply (303) 859-7385 or email